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"When Jane and I sat down and worked out how much the system will generate for us over the next 25 years it really was a 'no-brainer'. I really love a..."

Richie Woodhall – Former WBC Super Middleweight World Champion

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Solar PV Systems locations include:

  • Flat & Pitched Roofs
  • Land (e.g., paddock, sloping bank, unused garden area)
  • On the sides of buildings (façade mounted)

Ideal Roof Mounted Site Requirements:

  • Roof – is strong enough to support the weight of the system meeting Building Regulations
  • System Modules (panels) need to face in a southerly direction ranging from east through south to west. True South is the ideal.
  • Modules are pitched between 20º to 50º. 30º is considered the ideal. For flat roofs or land based sites special ‘pitched’ mounting frames can used
  • Installation site is not affected by shade, especially between the hours of 9.00am to 3.00pm.

SolarSafe Roof Survey

Installing a solar PV system onto a roof adds about 20Kg per M² to the roof load. It’s imperative that we scientifically assess your roof’s additional load capacity so Building Regulations compliance can be checked and certified by a Chartered Structural Engineer. Overloading a roof can result in serious structural damage which is why we go the extra roof survey mile.

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