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“The excellent, constantly controlled quality, the enormous efficiency levels, and the long service life of our products, coupled with our position as a highly-renowned and world-famous major corporation are just some of the benefits that more and more Kyocera customers have chosen to enjoy. You too can profit from the over 35 years of experience of one of the real pioneers in the solar cell market. “ Salop Energy Commercial stocks three Kyocera high efficiency multi-crystal modules namely, the KD190HG-2PU, KD235GH-2PB and KD240GH-2PB.

Our preferred modules provide maximum power outputs of 190kW, 235kW and 240kW. The frames are robust, anodised black and aesthetically pleasing. All three products enjoy a 10 year manufacture’s warranty covering defective workmanship. Kyocera may not be a familiar name, but they have a long track record and supply the solar cells that power the ventilation system on the Toyota Prius.