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Solar Safe Survey

"Another Salop Energy happy client. "

Mr Norwood

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Will my Roof be Safe?

Your roof is in safe hands with Salop Energy - read more about our expert roofing services here.

Your roof will safely accommodate a solar PV system it its’ strong enough to withstand the additional PV system load or weight over time. Given our roofing heritage, we know exactly what the consequences of turning a blind eye can be.

If a roof needs strengthening and a customer chooses to disregard our Solar Safe Survey findings, then we won’t install their PV system. It’s that simple!

What we can do though, is to:

  • undertake any repairs, strengthening or re-roofing works at a fair price
  • seamlessly install a solar PV system as a ‘one step’ exercise
  • ask our consultant Chartered Structural Engineer to review images of our works to ensure compliance with his advice
  • assess site health and safety issues including the presence of vulnerable children or adults

For all works in progress, if we find one or two broken tiles, we don’t make a fuss – we just source and replace them (subject to availability) as part of the Salop Energy service.

If your roof tiles have a limited life why pay to install a solar PV system that will then have to be removed and replaced?

We unashamedly operate a 'no survey – no service' policy to ensure, that to the best of our ability, all the roofs we install on can safely take the strain for 25 years or longer.