7.9% APR
Monthly Repayments

Total System Cost
Total Profit (£0 Outlay)
120 x £83.52
£10,022 (10yr 7.99% fixed)

Zero Upfront Payment

Earn up to £18k

Take advantage of FITs

Pays for itself

Pay for up to 10 years, earn for 20

What our clients say How much will I pay?
20 Years

In this graph the yellow area represents the annual income (£) from the solar system, and the black area shows the total loan repayments.


How Much Will I Pay?

How much you will pay for one of our quality installed systems depends on its size and how simple the installation will be.

Our helpful team of experts will generally be able to conduct a desktop study of your project and advise you of the likely cost of installation and the potential returns before you commit to a full survey.

Typically a 4 kW System fully installed using quality panels from SHARP and a Power One inverter will cost around £6,995.

We’ve taken a representative example of a 16 panel, 4 kW system based in Shropshire (south facing) to give you a better idea of how SolarSense works and how much it could earn you. In this example, the system is paid back over 10 years, broken down into monthly payments. Here’s a summary and breakdown of the earnings in year one.

Remember, as the Feed-in Tariff and electricity costs rise each year with inflation so will your earnings and savings.

First Year Income Breakdown***

Annual Electricity Generated
x Feed-In Tariff
3,800kWh x 15.44p =

Export Tariff Income
1900kWh / 4.5p =

Annual Electricity Generated
/ 2 x Electricity Price
1900kWh / 14p =

Total First Year Earnings £938.00

Both the feed in tariff and export payments are inflation linked to the retail price index (RPI).

* The credit advertised is provided exclusively by Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance with whom we have a commercial relationship. Available subject to status to UK residents aged 18 and over. Registered Address: Wallbrook Business Centre, Green Lane, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW4 6NW. Interest rate 7.9% fixed.

** Calculated using SAP 2009 software - SAP 'Standard Assessment Procedure' is the government’s and industry standard method of assessing how much electricity solar panels produce in England and Wales, SAP is only a prediction and yields from a solar PV system can often produce much better results than forecast.

*** Assumptions: generation tariff – 15.44p; export tariff - 4.5p; inflation - 3%; electricity exported - 50%; electricity consumed - 50%; starting electricity price - 14p; annual electricity price increase - 6% (average annual percentage increases in the past five full years between 2006-11, according to DECC electricity price statistics)

Disclaimer: Monthly returns may vary dependant on time of year. For example returns will be higher in July than January due to longer daylight hours.