7.9% APR

Mr Mike Heath from Ellerdine, Shropshire whose 4 kW system
generated an incredible 4,200 kWh in just 12 months


Zero Upfront Payment

Earn up to £18k

Take advantage of FITs

Pays for itself

Pay for up to 10 years, earn for 20

What our clients say How much will I pay?

Protect Your Home From Rising Energy Bills and Generate An Income with SolarSense...

From the moment your Solar PV panels have been installed by Salop Energy, and connected to the national grid, you will start to benefit from significant savings on your electricity bill.

By Installing a SolarSense Photovoltaic system, you will have made your home ‘future-proof’ against the predicted spiralling electricity increases forecasted for the coming years.

DECC (the department of energy and climate change) have openly declared that they anticipate home energy bills to be 30% higher by the time we reach 2020.

The Feed-In Tariff payment rate for Solar PV is currently very generous, especially when compared to the cost of a new system.

However, over the coming months and years the rates paid for new entrants to the Feed-In Tariff scheme will reduce - those that act now will secure a higher payment tariff which will be linked to the retail price index (RPI) for 20 years. What this means is that year on year your payments for generating electricity, and payments for any excess electricity sold back to the national grid (export), will rise.

Currently you will be paid 15.44p per kWh for every unit of electricity your PV system generates, and 4.5p per kWh for the excess electricity you export back to the national grid.

In April of each year the RPI index inflation rate is announced by the government and the new inflation rate is then added to your payments for the next 12 months.

The last two years have seen rises to the RPI averaging 4%.

After factoring in the savings and benefits highlighted above it is clear to see how a SolarSense loan from Salop Energy will pay for itself. With zero upfront cost the system will also provide you with energy security and fantastic dividend returns in the future as electricity prices soar.

Solar power on your terms...

  • Zero upfront payment – have a solar PV system fitted at your home for free – no payment whatsoever is required at installation
  • Take advantage of FITs - once your SolarSense system from Salop Energy is installed you will own the system outright - which means the full Feed-in Tariff is paid into your bank account
  • Pays for itself – many families will cover their costs from day one as the returns from the FIT payments and electricity savings cover their loan repayments - even whilst paying off the loan many will see real savings
  • Pay for up to 10 years, earn for 20 - once the loan is paid off you can expect to earn around £1,500 per year rising to £2,000 in year 20 as grid electricity prices continue to rise, and you will benefit from every penny climb
  • Earn up to £18k – over 20 years your family can see returns of up to £18,000 for an initial outlay of £0