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Solar Information Downloads

Welcome to our solar information centre – simply browse the list information available below and click on the link to the download buttons of those articles and documents that most interest you. Happy reading.

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Customer Service Standards

Salop Energy Commercial designs and installs bespoke solar micro energy generation systems for domestic and commercial clients based in and around Shropshire. These are the customer service standards we would like to receive and consequently try to deliver to the best of ability.

Download Customer Service Standards PDF

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SolarSafe Roof Survey

Including its mounting system, installing an average solar energy system on your roof will add an additional load of around 20Kg per M² covered. At this level checks will need to be made for Building Regulations compliance which can be a costly and time consuming process.

Download SolarSafe Roof Survey PDF

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Getting Paid for Generating Electricity

In 2009 the UK Government signed up to the EU Renewable Energy Directive effectively agreeing to generate 15% of our nation’s energy needs from renewable sources by 2020. To help meet this target our Government is providing significant financial incentives to property owners and businesses via a renewable energy Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) scheme.

Download FIT Information PDF

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Inverter Myths

In any emerging technology market misinformation can easily be perceived to be fact when it’s communicated with authority and conviction. At the present time there are a couple of ‘misinformation myths’ in circulation regarding Inverters – the heart of a Solar PV System that converts solar generated Direct Current electricity into useable Alternating Current.

Download Inverter Myths PDF

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Mechanics of a Solar PV System

Solar PV Systems convert daylight (not sunlight) into electricity. PV Modules (PV Solar Panels) are made up of many cells each containing one or two layers of a semi conducting material. An electric field is created when daylight reaches these cells making electricity flow between the semi-conducting layers.

Download Mechanics of a Solar PV System PDF

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Degradation of Modules

As things get older they tend to not to work as well and thus become less efficient. So it is for Solar PV Modules. Manufacturers scientifically test their Modules for degradation by attempting to accelerate the aging process.

Download Degradation of Modules PDF

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SAP Calculator Guide

How much income, energy and carbon savings, will my PV System Generate?

Download How Much Will I Generate? PDF

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Introducing Solar Thermal & PV

The Earth receives enough energy from the Sun in a single minute to meet all our global energy needs for one whole year! Quite simply, we are at the very early stages of capturing some of the Sun’s energy microgeneration Solar technologies.

Download Introducing Solar Thermal & PV PDF

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