Storage excess power from your panel to li-ion battery
Monitor your energy harvest

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Mr Norwood

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Shropshire home solar panels and battery storage

Solar panels now with li-ion battery storage support

Solar PV for your home can now be fitted with li-ion home energy storage (batteries) with your new solar installation, or can be retro fitted to your existing PV system. Harvest clean energy from the sun to power your home with a Salop Energy Commercial Solar Panel and battery installation. The excess power from your solar panels charges your battery during the day for use at night time. You battery can also chip in and support your energy needs during the day time when you are demanding more peak power than you solar panels are providing.

A combination of solar panels and li-ion battery support can significantly reduce your dependancy on buying energy from the grid/supplier. All systems are bespoke designed to suit your energy requirements, life stye, and suitability of your house/roof geometry.

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