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Monitoring & Managing Solar PV Power

Designing and constructing a perfectly inverter matched efficient PV system is of course our main task at Salop Energy Commercial, however we realise that managing the electricity generation and use of electricity on the site is crucial in maximising the return on the investment over the years to come.

With both the current and future solar tariffs now placing much more emphasis on clients to consume as much of the power generated by their system as possible and thereby maximising savings significantly, we are able to offer performance monitoring tools, essential for a larger installation in a busy commercial situation.

Current technology means it is possible to monitor up to 50 Inverters through a single Data Logger unit.

The necessary monitoring equipment would be installed at the same time as your Solar PV installation. Once installed you would be able to access your generation and consumption history via the Internet. This would allow you to view charts of daily generation, weekly, monthly or annual. Also make comparisons, allowing you to keep an eye on performance.

If you prefer, Salop Energy Commercial can keep an eye on your system’s performance and any system fault alerts informing you straight away if there was a problem.

We are also able to offer a complete range of energy management solutions such as data loggers that will record your electricity consumption in different zones of your commercial premises; this would then allow us to consult with you and advise further measures that would enhance your investment.

In a nutshell, we see our role as not just delivering clean energy but also conserving energy and giving our clients the best possible level of service.

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