Case Studies

Typical Solar PV Development Process

Site Assessment

  • Mixture of a desktop and on site exercise to identify the solar kWh potential of a site
  • Land surveys- archaeological, substructure, acidity, topographical, landscape / visual, flood risk, highways and access
  • Appraisal of roof structure – identify any potential structural load bearing issues
  • Electrical grid survey- survey of the capacity and constraints in the local grid network
  • System mechanical & electrical design
  • Grid application to the local electrical network operator
  • Full Structural survey by chartered structural engineer
  • Planning application submission and approval (if required)

Site Construction, 1 to 3 months

  • Component and access system ordering
  • Preparatory Groundworks - if ground mounted project
  • Framework installation and panel fixing
  • Electrical DC / AC cabling, inverter, transformer and metering installation
  • System test witnessing, connection to grid and commissioning of system
  • Submission to OFGEM proof of installation for FiT registration