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Are my Business Premises or Land suitable?

To achieve commercially acceptable results Solar PV modules need:

  • A southerly facing site – East through South to West – South is the ideal
  • A pitch of 20º to 50º with 30º to 45º being the ideal range
  • A shade-free situation, particularly between 9.00am and 3.00pm

Systems can be installed on pitched or flat roofs, sides of buildings and land with ‘angled’ mountings being used to achieve the ideal pitch.

Consideration needs to be given to a low or no shade environment spanning the next 25 years or longer. For example, if your site borders onto development land a new high rise building might put your modules in the shade.

It’s vital to consider the ownership of land or buildings and whether or not your business might need to relocate in the near future. If your premises are leased or rented, then leaseholder or landlord consent consents will need to be obtained.

Most businesses will almost certainly need to apply for Planning Consent. Roof installations will also require a professional structural survey to ensure the roof can take the solar PV system, wind and snow loadings.

Our network of ‘on demand’ professional advisors includes Chartered Structural Engineers and Planning, Environmental and Health & Safety consultants. Salop Energy Commercial can put together a project management team that’s tailored to meet your precise needs.

We offer all our commercial clients the opportunity of receiving an introductory knowledge based seminar at our dedicated Solar Education Centre in Shrewsbury. Alternatively, we can run the seminar at your premises.

We also have a Solar Gallery where customers can get up close to the hardware and see our own solar PV system in operation.

For an informal, initial consultation call the Salop Energy Commercial team on 0333 30 50 767, or drop us an email at [email protected].