Monitoring & Managing Solar PV Power

We realise that monitoring electricity generation and its consumption in the home are both crucial to maximising the return from your Solar PV investment.

We are able to offer our domestic clients a low cost monitoring device that records and displays energy generation data across differing time periods. It communicates with your system’s Inverter using Bluetooth technology and is powered by either solar energy (sunny spot required) or a rechargeable battery.

For domestic customers spending long periods away from home we also offer a monitoring and management service via our data logging resource. This means that you can monitor your system from anywhere in the world where there’s Internet connectivity, or we can do so for you under a maintenance and monitoring agreement.

Maximising consumption of home-generated PV power optimises investment returns through savings on your commercial electricity bills. Use high power electrical appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners etc. one at a time, an hour either side of midday. The meridian is generally the peak generation time in fair weather, so by adopting this practice you will maximise the consumption of your home generated electricity.

If you’re usually not at home during the daytime timer switches or programmable appliances may well come into their own.