" We are delighted to be able to confirm that, despite the poor weather for much of the past year, you significantly under-estimated both the units..."

Mr Horsley

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Community Discounts

We offer preferential pricing when two or more near neighbours jointly place an order with us for the same installation date.

This happy situation arises because we will make a number of savings that should quite properly be passed on. This means it’s worth checking with other nearby relatives, friends and neighbours to see if they have any solar energy plans or ambitions.

We will happily arrange a group seminar at our state-of-the art Solar Showroom and Education Centre. As our prior customers will testify, we offer a purely educational experience in a non-pressurised environment. The seminar is entirely powered by our own off Grid, solar PV System.

Alternatively you can arrange an exploratory appointment with a member of the Salop Energy Commercial Team. You can get up close to specimen products and mounting systems at our Shrewsbury showroom.

Please call the Salop Energy Commercial Team to arrange a Good Neighbours Solar PV Seminar or Consultation on 0333 30 50 767