" We are delighted to be able to confirm that, despite the poor weather for much of the past year, you significantly under-estimated both the units..."

Mr Horsley

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Why Invest?

In a world where rapidly increasing energy costs are becoming more evident by the day, particularly electricity more and more homeowners are now looking at ways they can protect themselves from this unwelcome and unpredictable skyward trend.

A Residential Solar Photovoltaic system is a cost effective and financially rewarding solution.

Imagine your energy company sending you a cheque every three months for the next 20 years... it’s not a fantasy, it’s a reality!

If you have the roof space, a large enough garden or adjacent land owning your own ‘mini power station’ will yield many benefits:

  • Favourable investment return on capital employed via 2012 Feed-In-Tariff (10% or better annual return currently attainable)
  • Returns benefit from RPI linkage over a 20 year term
  • Hedge against rapidly rising energy costs
  • Reduction in the consumption of your current electricity usage (on average 50%)
  • Dramatically increase the value of your property (on average 10%)
  • Lower carbon output
  • Enhanced environmental credentials amongst neighbours, family and friends
  • Maximising consumption of self-generated electricity boosts investment returns
  • Relatively low maintenance - periodic cleaning of modules
  • System monitoring and maintenance can be cost-effectively sub-contracted
  • Generally low levels of disruption to install
  • Benefits transferable to third party if your property is sold

Visit our Feed-in-Tariff section to see the current financial terms.