Every installer of roof mounted solar PV systems should be called upon to answer 10 crucial questions...

1. Do you have real roofing expertise?
Salop Energy Commercial was born out of one of Shropshire’s largest roofing businesses, so we also strengthen, repair and retile roofs.

2. How do I know my roof will bear the weight of a solar energy system?
Our comprehensive SolarSafe Roof Survey enables our Chartered Structural Engineer to make a scientific assessment of your roof’s load bearing capacity.

3. Do you have a dedicated Roof Survey Form?
Drop by our office and we’ll guide you through our 10 page SolarSAFESurvey.

4. Will the installation comply with Building Regulations?
Salop Energy Commercial customers enjoy FREE Building Regulations Certification for Parts A (roof load); C (roof water tightness) and P (electrical)

5. How many Solar Energy Systems has your firm installed?
Our annual installation count runs into three figures covering a broad range of system sizes, mountings and locations. Visit our Case History Library

6. Do you survey Customer Satisfaction and, if so, what are the latest results?
Yes, it’s crucial to our business to get customer feedback and we enjoy a very high, 90% or better scores click here to see our results for 2011

7. Can I contact recent customers?
Yes, we maintain a comprehensive list of prior customers who are happy to talk to you via email or phone (contact us to access)

8. Can I see samples of the panels and mountings you use?
Our Solar Gallery houses samples of the products we regularly use; it even has ground level roofs displays so you can see how they are attached.

9. What protection do you offer for poor workmanship and advice?
We give all our clients a 10 year, independent REIGA Warranty covering poor workmanship. Our consultant Chartered Structural Engineer carries Professional Indemnity insurance of £250,000 per claim with regard to certification of Building Regulations Parts A and Parts C.

10. Do your installation teams receive regular training?
Yes, for example, we routinely go to Germany to be trained on the latest kit and research a solar energy market that’s 20 years ahead of the UK