"Very helpful in completing FIT form and ringing us to say men were coming. "

Mr & Mrs Lewis

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

We thank our 58 clients who submitted a completed customer satisfaction questionnaires. We’re pleased to publish the outcomes and the lessons we’ve learnt.

Customers were asked to score various quality aspects out of 7 with 1 representing ‘very poor or unacceptable’ standards of service, ranging up to 7 for ‘excellent or outstanding’.

We achieved a:

98% rating for pre-installation staff support – no one scored less than a 6

90% rating keeping customers informed through out the process – two customers scored us an unacceptable 2 helping us to identify 'field to office' communications as an area for improvement. Socks will be pulled in an upward direction!

96% rating for our written communications – again, the lowest score was 6

95% rating for completing installations on a timely basis – one of our clients scoring us 2 for keeping customers informed scored us 2 again as the issues were related.

99.7% rating for the help and respect shown by our installation teams – just one client scored us a 6 – everyone else awarded a 7

98% rating for leaving installation sites clean and tidy – again, nothing lower than 6 and mostly scores of 7

98% ‘good job’ rating – no scores below 6

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Thanks to all the 62 respondents for keeping us on our toes!