About Solar PV

In a competitive world of ever rising energy costs it’s easy to overlook the free energy we get from the Sun. Earth receives enough sunlight in a single minute to meet global energy needs for one whole year!

The future for solar energy generation looks very bright, provided we continue to invest in the ‘here and now’ solar technologies. These already allow us to generate electricity and heat water displacing less desirable fuels.

Such investments drive the ongoing research into new, more efficient technologies like Nano Solar PV Energy generation. This offers the ‘tomorrow’s world’ prospect of generating electricity from low cost, multiple layers of semi-conductor inks printed onto an aluminium skin.

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Through our Education Centre the following solar science guides are available using everyday language.

  • The Photovoltaic Effect
  • 'Band Gap' Semi-Conductor Physics
  • Differing forms of Silicone PV Technologies
  • Silicone Solar Science at an Atomic Level