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If you are considering a roof mounted solar energy system the first priority is to validate and certify that your roof can take the extra weight. This is a Building Regulations Part A requirement – applicable when the additional solar system load exceeds plus or minus 15% of your roof’s existing load bearing capacity. Unfortunately, existing roof load bearing data is generally not to hand which means it needs to be surveyed and calculated.

Consideration also needs to be given to the effects of wind and snow loads on the roof. For small projects we can utilise our SolarSafe roof survey service.

Solar Safe Survey has been designed in association with a highly regarded, local Chartered Structural Engineer [CSE]. It helps harvest all the essential information our CSE needs to provide a professional opinion. We also check your electrical supply at the same time.

For larger scale projects we would normally recommend an inspection by a qualified Chartered Structural Engineer [CSE]. Our highly regarded, Shropshire based, consultant CSE brings the advantage of long term, local knowledge and contacts.

Sometimes strengthening measures or repairs may be recommended for tiled roofs – we can undertake this work usually installing your solar energy system as a seamless, one step exercise. This is thanks to our roofing heritage and expertise.

Finally, once we’ve installed your system you will want to know that your roof is watertight. So we check, inspect and photograph asking our CSE to sign off this requirement which falls under Building Regulations Part C.

To book a Commercial Solar Safe Survey please call us on 0333 30 50 767 or contact us.

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