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Phill Crawley, the instigator of the solar scheme at Sunrise Eggs, commented:

The decision to invest the kind of capital we have in this scheme brings with it a multitude of concerns and potential stress. I am pleased to say that we experienced none of this working with Salop Energy Commercial.

What we have ended up with is a high quality installation, delivered on time, on budget and with minimum fuss. I could not recommend Salop Energy Commercial Ltd highly enough.

Phill Crawley added, In today's challenging world businesses such as ours are expected to lead the way and set an example, especially from an environmental point of view.

We were a large consumer of wholesale electricity, and with rising utility prices appearing to be the order of the day, we believe by taking this step we have gone a substantial way to securing our company's energy future.

Phill Crawley - Sunrise Eggs


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Co-operating with concerned parties from adjacent properties whilst keeping our needs to the forefront of the sale and installation process.

Mr T. Roberts – Chariman of Cound Guildhall


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I’d like to report a murder!

In the first 16 weeks of operation our 4kW PV system (SEE facing) generated £900 of electricity killing all our energy overheads stone dead. This excludes the savings made by consuming some of our home grown electricity.

Our investment in Solar PV is proving to be a brilliant hedge against escalating energy costs. It’s providing the Trustees with financial certainty in these troubled times. This means we will be able to provide respite break accommodation for greater numbers of children in need.

We couldn’t have done this without you and the excellent Salop Energy Commercial team, not to mention our wonderful benefactors.

Don Rogers – Chairman – Longmynd Adventure Camp


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The trustees of one of Shropshire's oldest social housing charities are bringing 'power to the people' by generating their own electricity. A 27kWh solar photo voltaic system is to be installed on the roofs of Millington Hospital's newer buildings by Shrewsbury based Salop Energy Commercial. The £80,000 project will benefit from the government's Feed-ln-Tariff payments over the next 25 years and after the initial investment has been repaid the income will be used to improve facilities for residents.

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