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excel in farm solar PV applications

Case Studies

Agricultural Projects

A clear and concise understanding of how our busy agricultural clients function and operate, as well as minimising the disruption of power supply during a Solar PV installation, has been pivotal in Salop Energy Commercial earning a first class reputation in this field.

Never has this been more evident than when undertaking Poultry House projects, where it is critical to maintain power throughout the duration of the installation process.

Salop Energy Commercial's emergence as a trusted partner in this niche area of the PV industry is because we have a clear understanding of what is required by our poultry farming clients.

Bird welfare during installation is of course of paramount importance, and our highly experienced personnel know exactly what is required of them.

We have undertaken numerous agricultural Solar PV projects throughout all of the UK and prospective clients may wish to view some of our recent case studies.

With our vast range of solar rail mounting solutions we can design and implement a bespoke photovoltaic system whatever your roof’s composition, be it fibre cement, slate, plain tiled or trapezoidal.

Using only tier one products you can be sure that with Salop Energy Commercial's point blank refusal to install anything other than the best, you will take ownership of a photovoltaic system that will stand the test of the time.

We offer clients a full range of maintenance and monitoring systems ensuring that they receive maximum returns on their investment.