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Customer Service Standards

Salop Energy Commercial designs and installs bespoke solar micro energy generation systems for domestic and commercial clients based in and around Shropshire. These are the customer service standards we would like to receive and consequently try to deliver to the best of ability.

  1. We provide an advisory service to all our clients via a small team of dedicated consultants - we do not employ commission hungry sales people or offer gimmicky inducements or incentives.
  2. As a prospective client, our first aim is to help you understand how the differing solar technologies work, their pros and cons, and economic and environmental advantages - we will communicate this information openly, objectively and honestly in plain English.
  3. If you are technically minded and already have a good working knowledge of the industry we will happily communicate with you on a peer-to-peer basis
  4. To help educate our prospective clients, we run small group educational seminars and personal consultations by appointment via our Shrewsbury based Solar Edcuation Centre & Showroom. The showroom includes both working and non-working examples of Solar Photo Voltaic systems and eye level roof displays to demonstrate the various mounting systems. The latter also serves as a staff training resource.
  5. Our second aim is to help you determine whether or not you have a suitable site for the installation of a solar energy system. The ideal is to book an appointment at our Shrewsbury based Solar Showroom, as this means we can address all your questions in a dedicated educational environment. Alternatively, we may ask you to visit our website to use our Roof Finder service. This allows us to view an aerial photograph of your roof, so helping us provide you with further advice.
  6. We also offer a bespoke domestic roof survey for £99 inclusive of VAT – however, if you subsequently commission us to design and install a solar energy system we will deduct the survey cost from your final bill.
  7. Our SolarSAFESurveys are structured and methodical – these are assessed by an independent Chartered Structural Engineer – we do not offer on the spot, speculative advice and recommendations without first examining your roof.
  8. We offer a fusion of expertise across electrical, plumbing, heating, solar and roofing disciplines. As a customer this means you receive a rounded service that recognises and avoids numerous pitfalls (requeat our Investors’ Guide to Solar PV for examples). Like you, we all want to sleep safely and soundly at night.
  9. For roof mounted systems, should we identify or suspect any structural problems we will write and tell you about our concerns. Our Chartered Structural Engineer might specify roof strengthening measures. Wherever practical, we will happily quote to do the strengthening work and install your solar energy system as a seamless, one step exercise.
  10. Occasionally a roof is judged unsuitable either because a major defect has been identified (or suspected) or we could not harvest sufficient data from a roof to make an informed ‘suitability’ decision. In these instances a more detailed examination of the roof may be required and we will introduce you to our consultant Chartered Structural Engineer to discuss needs and agree terms for any additional survey services. You are perfectly free to appoint your own professional advisors.
  11. We offer a fair price for a high quality service – we may never be the cheapest deal in town because an exceptionally low price often disguises cost cutting measures, installer desperation/distress, or other allied risks.
  12. For domestic customers living in close proximity to each other, we offer special savings when community or smaller neighbourhood groups place orders for two or more systems to be installed at the same time. This happy situation results because our installation costs will be genuinely lower and it’s our policy to pass such savings on to our customers.
  13. We employ considerable skill designing a system that’s tailored to your site and its environment. We use computer tools twinned with human design value judgements to minimise shading factors, optimise energy generation and arrive at an aesthetically pleasing layout. Wherever possible, we will provide you with computer generated images of your roof with the solar modules imposed. This will assist you in making aesthetic judgements.
  14. We will help you assess the likely amount of energy, income and both commercial energy and carbon savings our recommended system will generate. We facilitate this service via the Government regulated SAP Calculator tools. You can access this tool via our website.
  15. We always recommend the use of major brand components for their proven durability, superior efficiency and warranty values. There are numerous cheaper copycat alternatives which we would not buy for own home systems.
  16. For our environmentally inspired clients, you can ask us to try and recommend products that are manufactured in the UK.
  17. To help us best serve you we track the evolution of the solar energy market in Germany – a country some 20 years ahead of the UK. This allows us, for example, to research which manufactures have historically offered the most reliable products.
  18. Our quotations are explicit – we quote for all the major costs separately to make it easier for you to compare.
  19. System components are charged at their wholesale price plus a modest margin to cover our overhead costs such as transport, storage and insurance costs.
  20. Specialist labour fees such Electrical or Plumbing services are split out.
  21. We charge a separate ‘Design & Installation’ fee that includes our profit margin, but also contains an allowance for extra minor components, small electrical fixes and ’making good’ costs.
  22. When you place an order we will never ask for more than 25% of the installed system price (inclusive of VAT) as a deposit.
  23. When we arrange an installation date we will do our level best to honour it, but sometimes bad weather prevents us from working at heights. We will always let you know at the earliest opportunity if such a delay is likely. We offer a limited number of Defended Installation Dates for customers in full time employment – please note unexpected adverse weather conditions means we cannot guarantee our Defended Installation Dates.
  24. We installed our first system in 2008 – since this time we have not received any significant complaints about the quality and standards of our installation work. We operate a continuous Customer Satisfaction & Feedback Survey to help us monitor and improve customer service standards.
  25. You will find us to be courteous and respectful in all our customer dealings.
  26. We always try and leave an installation site in a neat and tidy condition – contact us if we failed to do so.
  27. We take Health & Safety issues seriously – please tell us if any children or vulnerable adults will be on site during the installation process.
  28. If ever we should disappoint you in the provision of a satisfactory customer service please contact Mr Gareth Jehu – the Director responsible for customer relations. Conversely, if you feel a member of our staff has provided exceptional customer service, then please tell him about this too.
  29. In the unlikely event that you and we fail to achieve customer complaint resolution we will assist you to register your complaint with the relevant regulatory authority, or industry body.

We enjoy an outstanding customer satisfaction record with customer referrals serving as a major driving force behind our business. 100% of customers would recommend us to others.