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Feed in Tariff & Model For Commercial Solar PV Systems

Getting Paid for Generating Electricity and Saving Money by Owning Your Own Power Station

The table below shows the current Feed-in Tariff rates for eligible installations between 1 July 2013 and before 1 January 2014.

Fantastic returns in excess of 16%+ Net are still easily obtainable under the revised FIT scheme, and if you can use most of the power your Solar PV system generates then even greater returns can be achieved.

Upon entering the FIT scheme you are 'locked in' at the then current rate per kWh for 20 years.

During the Government's consultation of the Feed-in Tariff Scheme, it was announced that from August 1st 2012 a quarterly reduction mechanism of 6% came into play. The tariff will be reducing for 'new entrants' every three months, dependant on uptake to the scheme. 

The new structure rewards commercial clients who act quicker and lock themselves on to a higher rate that will rise every year with inflation.

With energy costs, especially electricity, predicted to rocket up in price in the coming years, Solar PV in particular is still an extremely shrewd investment.

And not only does it give a fantastic return on investment, it will provide you with an 'umbrella' against unpredictable sporadic energy costs we are all sure to encounter in the future.

To find out more and obtain a greater understanding of the new cost control mechanism designed for solar Feed-in Tariffs please talk to one of our advisors 01743 236266.

The Current Tariffs for Solar PV systems are as follows;

Remember Act Now and you will be' locked in' at this rate for 20 years, the tariff for new entrants to the scheme will be reducing by 6% on January 1st.

System Size (kW)
Generation Tariff
Export Tariff
10-50kW 12.57 pence
4.64 pence
50-150kW 11.10 pence
4.64 pence
150-250kW 10.62 pence 4.64 pence
  6.85 pence
4.64 pence

So, what has been going on?

All new technology markets evolve in much the same way with the early adopters being rewarded for taking higher risks. As demand has picked up solar hardware prices have softened; the cost of market entry has fallen thus broadening the potential customer base. A 50 kW solar PV system would have cost over £125,000 six months ago. Today our Best Value Brand Tier One equivalent costs no more than £60,000+VAT!

This is why we're able to supply 'best value brand' PV systems at prices that still deliver an annual 16% income stream for suitable installation sites. If you've missed the first boat make sure you don't miss the second!

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